Friday, February 22, 2008

Paper submitted to 2008 Hypertext Conference: "Investigating Success Factors for Hypermedia Development Tools"

We have just submitted a full paper to the Hypertext Conference 2008:

Paper abstract:

<< What are the key factors that contribute to the “success” of a hypermedia development tool? We have investigated this issue in the context of non ICT professional environments (e.g., schools or small museums), which have limited “in-house” technical competences and must cope with very limited budget. The paper discusses a set of success factors that can be relevant for hypermedia tools devoted to the above target, and presents a tool for multichannel hypermedia development that we designed in our lab having these factors in mind. We discuss the success of our system and report a wide empirical study in which the different success factors have been measured. >>
Paper by Davide Bolchini, Franca Garzotto, Paolo Paolini.

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