Friday, March 28, 2008

Open-ended goals in scenario-based usability

Scenario-based usability inspection can be enriched by considering ill-defined, open-ended user goals which can put the application to test.

Two evaluation perspectives on usability analysis

The usability evaluation of a multimedia interactive application can be tackled along two main complementary perspective: a domain-dependent approach (focussing on the specific requirements of the application), and a domain-independent approach, looking at the quality of those design characteristics which can be evaluated independently by the specific domain knowledge and scenarios.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Davide at The Open University - UK

On Tuesday last week I had the opportunity to visit The Open University in Milton Keynes (1 hour north of London)
to give a talk on my current research about usability and bioinformatics.

Talk abstract >>>

My visit was hosted by Prof. Bashar Nuseibeh, at the Department of Computing.

I enjoyed the company of the colleagues and interesting discussion during the talk.
Then, Bashar kindly took me to visit other parts of the Open campus,
and particularly the Knowledge Media Institute, a highly innovative research centre
in new technologies for education, communication and knowledge management.

Storytelling design for Mechatronic at TEC-Lab

My colleagues at the TEC-lab at the University of Lugano
have just designed a storytelling web application
for an industrial customer: Mechatronic.

You can access the website at:

The application development exploits an effective and usable storytelling design pattern and content management system developed at University of Lugano and Politecnico di Milano.

SIG DOC 2008 - ACM Design of Communication

26th ACM International Conference on Design of Communication (SIGDOC 2008)

September. 22-24, 2008.

Lisbon, Portugal

Submission deadline: May 2, 2008


Social Bookmarking in plain English - from

>> Both the content and the communication format are very interesting...

Video micro-learning - "paperworks" from

I have just discovered this short-video factory, whose art is communicating "complex ideas" in plain terms through paper-based videos.

Worth seeing >>>

New Media Communication for Cultural Heritage Professionals

The University of Lugano prepares the launch of a new distance-based educational programme.
TEC-CH Online (Online Diploma of Advanced Studies in Technology-Enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage) addresses practitioners and/or graduates in the heritage field who wish to advance their career, to develop a specialization, or to redirect their professional orientation. The programme offers knowledge and skills in communication for cultural projects by means of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

>>> In the pre-opening phase of the TEC-CH Online programme, an array of six courses is offered as free trial.