Friday, February 22, 2008

Article submitted to IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference: "Evaluating Communication Requirements"

We have just submitted a full paper to the IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference about Evaluating Communication Requirements -
here is the abstract for the submitted paper:

<< As it is important to elicit communication requirements for systems (such as websites and multimedia applications) with persuasion goals towards its users, it is even more crucial to be able to assess at which degree the expected communication impact has been achieved. On the basis of previous work and successful experience in communication requirements analysis, this paper presents a method to evaluate the fulfilment of communication requirements of content-intensive multimedia applications. The evaluation method is based on a lightweight set of value-driven conceptual tools and on a straightforward process that involves both communication and requirements experts, as well as final end users. With respect to existing evaluation methods focusing on usability requirements, our approach targets the communication effect of the design on the user experience and considers a number of aspects that go beyond pure ease of use. The paper presents our method, discusses a real life project in which it has been adopted, and reports an empirical study that has been carried on to validate its quality. >>

Paper submitted by Davide Bolchini, Franca Garzotto, Paolo Paolini and Elisa Rubegni.

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