Monday, November 29, 2010

My paper on "Client Scenarios" just published on IEEE Proceedings

My recently accepted and presented short paper on
"Exploring the Tension between User’s and Main Stakeholder’s Goals: The Role of Client Scenarios" has been just published on the IEEE Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on The Web and Requirements Engineering (WeRE'10), held within the 18th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference 2010 in Sydney, Australia.

Full PDF paper available from my research site:

paper page on IEEE Proceedings Digital Library:

Paper abstract:
This paper introduces the notion of Client Scenario as a conceptual tool to characterize and address the tension between user and main stakeholder's goals in web requirements analysis. As complementary to traditional user scenarios, Client Scenarios assume the perspective of the main stakeholders of an interactive application in projecting stakeholder-desired behaviors on the user experience. Client scenarios are an important variation over a commonly used technique in requirements engineering (scenarios in general) and can facilitate web designers, requirements analysts and project managers to elicit and model a comprehensive set of requirements from different viewpoints, as they complement the considerations of the user's needs with the communication and business goals of large web applications.

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